How Much Calories in Roti: A Comprehensive Guide

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How Much Calories in Roti: A Comprehensive Guide

How Much Calories in Roti: A Comprehensive Guide

Roti is a popular staple food in In Asian countries especially in India. roti is also known as Chapati. Route is a type of bread that is popular in Asian countries and is a good staple food that contains wheat flour. Roti does not only provide nutrition it also tastes good. The biggest concern among health-conscious people is the calories so everybody wants to know how much calories in roti are there. So, in this detailed article, we will get to know about the calories we get from roti.

How much calories in roti?

Roti is normally known for its healthier alternative of bread since it is made of whole wheat flour which contains very few calories. Set to find the exact number of calories in a roti depends on its size and thickness. So, on an average basis, the approximate size of roti is about 6 inches in diameter which can contain somewhere around 70-100 calories. But if the size is bigger let's say 12 inches in diameter, then the calorie will be also doubled somewhere around 120 calories to 200 calories. Because of this reason, roti is the best choice to be taken in your diet to maintain a healthy weight.

Factors Affecting Calorie Content in Roti
There are several reasons which can affect the calories in roti so let’s discuss them all:

1. Type of Flour Used

Types of flour used in making roti can impact the calories of roti. As roti is made from wheat flour which consists of high fiber and nutrients which makes it is a good choice to include in your diet. So as the wheat used in roti have high fiber so its shell life is very low but other refined flowers have their shell life very high which makes it a good choice to use for different purpose and for storage the common refined flour example can be Maida or white bread which is normally used in bakery products. Since white bread or Maida is a refined flour which is made by refining the flour, The fiber loses its property due to which the calorie increases.

2. Size and Thickness

The size and thickness of the roti can vary and can affect the calorie in the roti. The larger the size of the roti more the calories. So to consume fewer calories it is advised to take the smaller size of Roties. It’s always a best practice to keep in mind how many calories you want for your healthy weight.

3. Cooking Method

The process of cooking roti or making roti can also affect the calories in it. Rotis that those are cooked on a pan or tawa With as little as no oil and can have low calories. But if you deep fry them or try to use more oil or do the grilling of the roti with oil or ghee can increase the calorie of the roti significantly.

Understanding Calorie Count in Different Types of Roti

Roti can be found in different variations depending on different regions. So, let’s see some popular types of roti and they are approximate calorie counts:

1. Plain Roti or Tawa Roti

A plain routine made of wheat flour which is cooked without any oil or less oil can contain around 70 to hundred calories. This is the most common type of roti made in India.

How Much Calories in Roti

2. Missi Roti

Messi roti is a different version of roti which have flavor in it as well. It’s normally made of wheat flour and gram flour which is also known as Basan. Normally Missi Roti is seasoned with different types of spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric. On an average basis, Missi roti contains about 100 to 150 calories.

How Much Calories in Roti

3. Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is a traditional type of booked roti that is cooked under a tandoor which is made of clay. Normally Tandoori Roti is made of wheat flour but there are different types as well which can include white flour also known as Maida. So, a tandoori roti made of wheat flour can contain somewhere around 100 to 150 calories.
How Much Calories in Roti

4. Naan

Naan is a popular bread enjoyed in North India. Unlike normal roti or tandoori roti naan is made of white flour also known as all-purpose flour Maida. So, as we discussed Refined wheat contains High calories so the nan made of all-purpose flour contains a high range of calories which is about 200 to 300 calories per piece.

How Much Calories in Roti

FAQs about Roti and Calorie Content

Q1: Is roti a good option for weight loss?

A1: Yes, roti can be a healthy diet part of your weight loss diet. Asset contains high fibre and low calorie which makes you feel full and satisfied for a longer time. But it’s important to keep in mind that the size of the roti contains calories. So, the bigger the size of Roti higher the calorie.

Q2: Can I eat roti if I have gluten intolerance?

A2: In case you are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease it is best to avoid any type of roti specially made from wheat flour. But there are some gluten-free alternatives available for example roti made from millet flour quinoa flour and almond flour.

Q3: How many rotis should I eat in a day?

A3: The number of Rotis depends on how many calories you need for your diet plan. In case you are taking a high-calorie count of other products or other diets, it is best to keep the number of rotis lower. And if you’re taking a high-fiber diet along with roti then you can take more Rotis as well.

Q4: Can I freeze rotis for later use?

A4: Yes, you may freeze the roti as well for later use. So once the rotis are booked allow them to be cooled down at room temperature then stack them on parchment paper or Aluminum foil to avoid any humidity in the roti. Then, place it inside a freezer bag or container that keeps out air. You may freeze the roti for up to a month. But it is always advised to take roti in when it’s hot and freshly made. Rotis kept in a freezer or refrigerator can lose their nutrients over a period.

Q5: Are there any health benefits of consuming roti?
A5: Yes, roti gives you several different types of health benefits. As it is a good source of high-fiber carbohydrates and essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Roti keeps you full for longer. Which can help in digestion and supports the overall health of the body.

Q6: Can I incorporate other ingredients into the roti for added flavor?
A6: Absolutely! You can consume roti along with different types of vegetables, Serial or you can also take it along with some pickles. There are different types of recipes that you can try for roti as well.

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Roti has different types of nutrients available which makes it a good choice of bread to keep in your diet instead of white bread or brown bread. Although it’s enjoyed in mainly Asian countries the availability of wheat flour is available on the other continents as well. So, you may try different recipes and the process of making rotis and enjoy different types of veggies to avoid a high-calorie diet or fats. It is important to keep in mind How Much Calories in Roti you are taking roti cannot help you to lose weight but it can keep your calorie intake less so that you will not gain more weight. It is always a good practice to do exercises or workouts for an hour throughout the day along with roti in your diet to keep your body healthy and fit.

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